Chikmagalur is a very beautiful city situated in west-south part of Karnataka state of India. It lies in Chikkamagaluru district. Chikmagalur is known for its coffee plantation and Bababudan Giri mountain ranges.

Chikmagalur consists of two words, Cikka and magaluru. Chikka means ‘younger’ and Magalu means ‘doughter’. In Kannada literally meaning of Chikmagalur is the town of younger daughter, it is believed that the town is given as a dowry to younger daughter of Rukmangada, the legendary chief of Sakrepatna. The major rivers of Karnataka and other states originates here from Western Ghat hills, these rivers are Yagachi, Tunga, Hemavati, Bhadra, Vedavati. The source of river Bhadra and Tunga, Gangamoola is located near Kudremukh. The dam built on river Yagachi and Bhadra, Lakkavalli dam full fill all requirements of city and also manages local eco system.

Coffee in India is first grown in Chikmagalur, that’s why this city is known as Coffee Land. The head office of famous Coffee Day is also situated here. It’s also the first coffee research centre in Asia. Apart from coffee arecanuts, tea, paddy and spices are the manor agriculture crops.

How to reach Chikmagalur

By Air-
Mangalore is the nearest airport which is 170 km for Chikmagalur. Bangalore is second far airport which is 250 km. Hubli is also nearby airport. Government plans to develop an airport in Marle village which is 10 km form Chikmagalur.

By Train-
There is no railways station in Chikmagalur. The nearest railways station is Kadur which is 40 km away. Other nearest railways stations are Birur and Tarikere.

By Bus-
Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) run regular bus service between Chikmagalur and Bangalore. Form Bangalore bus will take approximate one hour.

By Road-
One can reach Chikmagalur form Bangalore or Mangalore through national highway number 48 (NH 48). On NH 48 form Hassan, Chikmagalur is only 55 km away. Chikmagalur city is also directly connected to Koppa, Kadur, Sringeri & Birur by road, one can also reach Chikmagalur form these nearby cities.

Get around Chikmagalur

By Autorickshaw-
The cheapest way to visit city. Commonly auto rickshaw don’t go by meter, they charge a fix amount for a decided place; you may bargain on this price before hiring an auto rickshaw. If you have lots of luggage, definitely look like a tourist; chances of auto drivers to charge high.

By Taxi-
Tourist cabs are the best option in taxi, you also visit nearby places through these cabs. Tariff is Rs 10/km for these cabs.

Places to visit in Chikmagalur

Is a small hill station on Mangalore road, just 6 km for Chikmagalur. You may see complete city form top of Rathnagiri hill ( also known as Mahatma Gandhi Park). The hill station is full of beautiful scenic views.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthodi)-
Located at 38 km in west-north of city. This sanctuary is most likely by wildlife lovers; you may find chital, gaur, elephants, tigers, sambar and other wildlife animals.

Located at 55 km in north of Chikmagalur, is a beautiful hill station. Altitude of this hill station is 1,434 m. The highest peak of south Karnataka, Mullayyanagiri is here. Department of Horticulture of Karnataka government establish a rose garden in Kemmanagundi which is open for public. Hebbe Falls-
Located at 8 km from Kemmanagundi. Here water gushes down in two stages for height of 168 m.

Kalhatti Falls-
Located at 10 km form Kemmanagundi. The height of this water fall is 122 m.

Located at 95 km in west-south of Chikmagalur, is a hill station. The altitude of this hill station is 1894 m. You may see Arabian Sea for Kudremukh. Hills in Kudremukh are chained with one-another with very deep valleys and steep precipices. The hill station is rich in flora and fauna which yet to be discovered. You may also find ancient caves, traces and ruins of ancient civilization. The hill station is also rich in iron-ore.

Located at 10 km form Tarikere. Amruthapura is famous for its 800 year old temples dedicated to Amrutheswara.

This place is famous for Vidyashankara Temple, which has 12 zodiac pillars. Sun rays fall on each of the pillar according to season of year.

Located at 50 km form Chikmagalur

Located at 6 km form city famous for a big pound.

Hirekolale pond

Tourist activities

Chikmagalur is a tourist of waterfalls, hill stations, wildlife and temples, below are the some activities you may perform here-
Trekking, Fishing, Relaxing

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